Changelog version

Update Notes v1.1.0.3868

  1. Update procedure
    1. Run updated update script
      update script is now directly mirroring local repo, so will not download already existing files
      update script will refuse to run in a HA-CMI node in passive rol, balance first.

      [root@cmi ~]# rm -f
      [root@cmi ~]# wget --no-check-certificate --user=USER --password=PASSWORD
      [root@cmi ~]# chmod +x
      [root@cmi ~]# md5sum
      [root@cmi ~]# ## Note: Options --mversion and --repo-url are defaults, so really don't needed
      [root@cmi ~]# ./ --user=USER --password=PASSWORD --mversion=1.1.0 --repo-url=
      FINISHED --2015-07-10 17:06:01--
      Downloaded: 57 files, 78M in 3.3s (23.5 MB/s)
      Verifying integrity of downloaded packages ... OK
      FINISHED. New CMI version is 3868
      Remember that both nodes need to be updated in an HA-CMI cluster
    2. logout CMI, clear cache, close tabs ... relogin
    3. Perform "Setup/MinorPackagesUpgrade" on nodes
    4. See known issues section at bottom
  1. Version notes
    1. CMI VIP edition actions logged to syslog messages, at the end of operation
    2. CMIX viappscluster service logging to /var/log/ha-log on takeover/standby
    3. HA-CMIX routing for VMAC interfaces now enabled in cmix-portal (see warning at bottom)

Features v1.1.0.3868

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Bugfixing v1.1.0.3868

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Known issues v1.1.0.3868

ha-cmix using VMAC routing edition

<warning>Static routes and default gateway can now be edited in cmix portal on both nodes, but be aware that applying changes in the active node will drop interface and routes in VMAC enabled interfaces.</warning>
(!) Preferred procedure is setup/apply in passive node, balance and setup/apply in (new) passive, final balance if desired.
(!) Just in case, balancing cluster will fix VMAC interfaces and routing.