Viapps Intro

What is Viapps?

Viapps is an automation life cycle solution of infrastructure services on cloud environments. It allows to create, install, configure, update, manage, monitor and audit network infrastructure services like Firewalls, DNS/DHCP/NTP Servers, HTTP Proxy, SMTP Gateways and IP LoadBalance. Based on opensource components Chef Server and our own development. Can be deployed on any cloud/virtualization environment. Extensible, new functionalities can be incorporated through new modules development. It is based in a RESTful API, allowing to be integreted with third party platforms


Using CMI (Central Management Interface) performs this tasks providing Full Life Cycle Support to viapps:

  • Installation: The supply process starts from the CMI, and it relies on Chef Server to send all required recipes to VM in order to install the firewall server
  • Basic Configuration: The configuration needed to start working. This is executed by Chef Server with data provided by the CMI.
  • Advanced Configuration: Applying rules by default, applying security policies, providing interfaces, paths,... all will be execute from the CMI
  • Updating: Applying every kind of update to the software base, SO as much as Applications like shorewall and others..... Recipes will be sent from Chef Server. Private RPM repository will be used.
  • Administration: SO as well as Firewall Service configuration management. Creation of rules, objects, atributes, etc...
  • Monitoring: Plattform and Service Monitoring, updating , updating status, etc...
  • Audit: Logs concentration of the different nodes, validating configuration, access, etc...