Admin documentation

CMIX update, REPO update, Admin Procedures, Other ...

  1. CMIX manual update setup
  2. Repo manual update
  3. Rpms public key
  4. Admin procedures
  5. List of tcp/udp ports used
  6. Set apache to production or development mode

How to search patterns in logfiles in CMI logs

  1. Command line searching for patterns in logfiles

How to backup a CMI

  1. What to backup

Sizing virtualappliances

  1. Sizing for Appliances
  2. IP Load Balance performance lab

How to migrate an appliance from one CMI to another

  1. How to migrate an existing appliance to a target CMI

Upgrade guide to version v1.0.1-2955

  1. Urgent patch If don't will upgrade
  2. Upgrade guide for CMI and SMTP, DNS, PROXY flavours from v1.0.1-1526 to v1.0.1-2955

Upgrade guide from version to

  1. Upgrade guide for CMI and Flavors from v1.0.1.1791 to v1.0.3.3260

Upgrade to 1.0.3.v3304 notes

  1. Upgrade guide to

Configure remote syslogging in nodes safely

  1. remote_rsyslog

How to grow a drbd disk in a HA-CMI

  1. Procedure to expand the replicated filesystem of a HA-CMI

Recommended patches

  1. Security patches
    1. CVE-2015-5477 bind: TKEY query handling flaw leading to denial of service
    2. CESA-2014:1148 2014-09-03 squid proxy security update
    3. CESA-2014:1306 2014-09-29 bash security update
    4. CESA-2014:2024 2014-12-20 ntp ntpdate security update
  2. Viapps patches
    1. 2015-02-13 "/var" partition disk usage issues after 1.0.3 upgrade
    2. 2015-03-17 elasticsearch disk usage and other isssues

Setup TLS in a SMTP Flavour

  1. Upload CA CER to CMDB (cmi cmdb manual)
  2. Generate CSR, upload server CER to CMDB (cmi cmdb manual)
  3. Enable TLS in SMTP server (cmix smtp manual)

Postfix Configurations

  1. Howto DISCARD emails to a given recipient

VMAC for clusters

  1. Manually unset (rollback) VMAC operation
  2. Manually modify routing
  3. Force VMAC value, when adding VIPs to an existing VMAC interface
  4. New (Jun 2015), viappscluster, setmac

Procedure to switch node hostname

  1. Node hostname switch procedure

Fix gw in network init files after rev or later (#3297)

  1. Fix default gateway in network init files after rev 3281

Resize a partition

  1. How to expand a partition

Dual Squid installation, to force HTTP/1.0 in some cases

  1. Dual squid installation

Install a SSL server certificate for the cmi

  1. Install a SSL server certificate for the cmi